PT Mitra Solusi Telematika

We offer integrated technology solutions through one-stop service with integrity, professionalism and timeliness.

At its onset, PT Mitra Solusi Telematika (MST) was set up to centralize and provide information technology support for all companies in the TMT Group.  Based on this, from the very beginning MST has become very conversant with multi-industry environments.  This advantage has equipped MST with a unique experience which suited MST to become a leading provider of technology solutions.

Currently, MST offers services that include:

  • End-User Services
  • Connectivity Services
  • System and Infrastructure Services
  • Application Services
  • Security Services
  • SITECH (Construction Technology Provider)

Highly experienced with creating integrated network infrastructures, MST is set to utilize this expertise to expand the Company within a short time frame.  With its access to the TMT Group’s other activities, MST is also privileged to be the authorized agent for Trimble, a GPS Navigation System that has changed the operating parameters for large-scale contractors worldwide, with the brand Sitech Indonesia. With its highly trained and experienced professionals, MST is set to become a respected technology solution provider.

PT Mitra Solusi Telematika’s Brands:

SAP Gold Partner
Blue Coat
ISO Base

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