Corporate Social Responsibility

MahaDasha fully believes that the Company exists as part of society and the environment and is committed to contributing positively to the surrounding community.

It is also part of the Company's mission to actively contribute as a good corporate citizen to the communities in which MahaDasha Group operates. MahaDasha and its subsidiaries are committed to reducing the impact and mitigating the risks of the Group's operations on the environment and social by innovating, collaborating and synergizing with various stakeholders to achieve the Company's sustainability goals.

MahaDasha is trusted by PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT), it's parent company, to focus its CSR activities on the Health Pillar out of the four main pillars set by TMT. Through this commitment, MahaDasha ensures that everyone has equal access to clean water, proper sanitation facilities, health services, and information on a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle that can be applied in everyday life. MahaDasha believes that a healthy environment and community is one of the main provisions in shaping a productive new generation. This is also part of the Group's commitment to contribute to the Government's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the sixth main goal, “Access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities”.