This business pillar serves as the bedrock of our operations, housing a triumvirate of subsidiaries dedicated to the dealership business: PT Chakra Jawara (CJ), PT Chitra Paratama (Chitra), and PT Roda Nusantara GTJ (RODA). Each of these entities established strategic partnerships with leading brand holders, acting as their trusted representatives in Indonesia.

PT Chakra Jawara

Established in 2000, PT Chakra Jawara is a leading truck distributor, subsidiary of
PT Mahadana Dasha Utama.

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PT Chitra Paratama

PT Chitra Paratama (Chitra) is the sole importer of Michellin earthmover tires series in Indonesia.

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PT Roda Nusantara GTJ

PT Roda Nusantara GTJ (RODA), established in 2020, is a distributor of Goodyear tires (earthmover series) in Indonesia.

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