Whistle Blowing System

MahaDasha is firmly committed to upholding the principles of Good Corporate Governance, ensuring its operations are conducted with professionalism and unwavering adherence to its corporate culture values.

A cornerstone of this commitment is the implementation of the MahaDasha Whistle Blowing System (WBS), a dedicated application intended for those who have information and want to report suspected violations of law or fraud, violations of the code of ethics, or violations of conflicts of interest that occur within the MahaDasha Group.


To facilitate and accelerate the follow-up process, reporting is expected to be accompanied by information at least:


  • Identity of the reporter (anonymity is allowed)
  • Description of the violation committed
  • Parties involved
  • Time & location of the incident
  • Supporting documents and other evidence (if any)


MahaDasha will protect the confidentiality of the reporter's identity, the report, and all other data related to the report submitted through the WBS.


If you find a violation of the code of ethics and code of conduct within the MahaDasha Group, please submit your complaint to the following email address: wbs.mahadasha@mahadasha.co.id