Carl’s Jr. Indonesia: Bisnis Ritel Pertama Tiara Marga Trakindo

31 Mar 2014

Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) Group appreciates the Indonesia’s retail market growth, this leads TMT to diverse itsbusiness to come into retail business in 2013 by establishing Mahadya retail business group. Mahadya’sgoal is to be a strong retail group in Indonesia by operating various inovative and entertaining lifestyle brands to particularly aimed at fullfiling the needs of consumer’s lifestyle and making their life more colorful in the future.

Mahadya steps into its first retail business by getting exclusive rights for franchising Carl’s Jr. Indonesia brand on July 2013 under PT Generasi Mutiara Bangsa with 5 new outletsin Jakarta. By now,  Carl’s Jr. has reach in total of 7 outlets in Indonesia.

The first Carl’s Jr. outlet under Mahadya’s management is operated in  Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall which officially open on January 2014. Mahadya has expanded itsmarket by entracing Surabaya by openingits first outlet at JuandaInternational Airport. The outlet which ofiicially open on February 2014becomes the first Carl’s Jr. Indonesia airport outlets which operates 24 hours.

President Director of Mahadya, Irzan H. Pulungan said, “Mahadya is one of the new business units speciallyestablished by TMT to penetrateretail business. It is a group’s move to balance its business portfolio, considering that group has been known as a strong business group in Indonesia for years,specificly in heavy equipment ,miningand energyindustry.”

Furthermore, Mahadya will build wider scale of various retail business line. Besides restaurant, Mahadya will be heading to prowess on groceries store, café and other retail segment. “We will enter the lifestyle of Indonesian people, and will become one of the strongestretail player in Indonesia. We also committed to give differentiation in every brand we have then,” Irzan H Pulungan said.

On the other hand,Mahadya’s F&B Chief Operating Officer, Mehdi Zaidi, explained that“Carl’s Jr. is chosen because Mahadya believes that Carl’s Jr. is the famous and popular burger brand in America as well as operated by Carl Karcher Enterprisewhichis international company with a very good performance and long trusted professional history. “Carl’s Jr. has been operating in burger business for more than70 years. Besides, we believe that Carl’s Jr. high quality burger will be loved by Indonesia consumers.”

With Mahadya’s Acquisition, Carl’s Jr. Indonesia willcontinue toexpand in Indonesia major cities, creating thousandsjob opportunity for Indonesian people. Carl’s Jr. Indonesia is optimist to become the burger business leader in Indonesia.

CKE be certain to partner with TMT

Meanwhile, the owner of Carl’s Jr. international franchise,Carl Karcher Enterprise (CKE) decides to partner with Mahadya in Indonesia due to the reason that TMT Group has a good reputation in Indonesia. Executive Vice President of International Franchise Operations CKE, Ned Lyerly said, “We believe that Carl’s Jr. Indonesia will be at its best growth and serves Indonesia consumen with high quality service which is the core and spirit of Carl’s Jr. Brands. To provide high quality product and servicesaround the world, CKE givesfull support in training and business operation.”

Carl’s Jr. Indonesia Offers New Concepts with High Quality Product and Services

Mehdi Zaidi introduces the new concept of Carl’s Jr. Indonesia. The new concept was first to introduce on Carl’s Jr. outlet in Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall in Januari 2014. Mehdi Zaidi said that Carl’s Jr. Indonesia is now presented with modern and convinient interior design. The design gives an exclusive and stylish atmosphere.

To fulfill the customers need, Carl’s Jr. Indonesia has completed its menu with various breakfast menu including Breakfast burger, Sunrise Croissant Egg and Cheese, Hash Brown, Italian Premium Coffee, dan Premium Quality Tea. This breakfast menu has been served at Carl’s Jr. at Juanda airport in Surabaya. Next, this breakfast menu will also be serve at every stand alone outlets outside the mall.

Under Mahadya management, Carl’s Jr. Indonesia has also achieved halal certificate for its all outlets. The halal certificate ensures the muslim consumers to safely and convinient consume Carl’s Jr. Indonesia high quality foods.

Carl’s Jr. is a restaurant providing high quality burger. Unlike other burger restaurant chains, all Carl’s Jr’s burger are made to order, this makes the burgers served fresh, tasty, and healthy. The ingredients used are also high quality, Carl’s Jr’s beef patty is made 100% of beef, without flour mix. Carl’s Jr. also has the special grilling method for its burgers, called “charbroiled grill method”. The method grills the burger from top and bottom in the same time, resulting the perfect grilling on each sides of burger.

Carl’s Jr. also presents the five star class services on its all outlets. Everyone is served with warm hospitality and friendliness. The guests should not need to leave their table if they need anything, Carl’s Jr. crew will come to serve them. Moreover, Carl’s Jr. provides free refill drinks, customers can refill their drink with various type of drinks including soft drinks, tea and coffee as much as they want.

“Carl’s Jr. Indonesia comes to put priority to the quality of foods and services, we servepremium burger with affordable price. Visitors will feel different experiences both in terms of foods and services we provide,” said Mehdi Zaidi.